Clothes in the colours of Spain

Victor Hugo’s Houses Paris / Guernesey

JUNE 21th - SEPTEMBER 24th 2017

The home of the most hispanophile French writer Victor Hugo, will display an exceptional set of traditional Spanish costumes from the Museo del Traje de Madrid.

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City of Paris' Museum of Modern Art

From June 2nd to October 29th 2017

The Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris presents an original exhibition exploring the relationship between three major 20th century artists: Derain, Balthus, and Giacometti.

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City of Paris' Museum of Modern Art

From May 19th to November 05th 2017

The MEDUSA exhibition takes a modern look at objects that are a cross between adornment and sculpture and which fascinate artists as much as the public.

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Museum of Romantics

APRIL 25th - OCTOBER 29th 2017

Nicknamed the “Raphael of Flowers”, Pierre-Joseph Redouté (1759-1840) was so successful that his works were imitated around the world, and his flower images have blossomed in books, works of art, on wallpaper, fashion accessories, etc.

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